Farewell from Anna and Max

10 Jul 2020By Max Bode and Anna Korovata

Hey Owls Fam,

Before the 2020 season kicks off just wanted to say the last two years of being club captain have been anything but ordinary.
As one half of club captain, there have been many good times that I have had the honour to witness from this role. Whether it be on field watching all grades from Fourth grade to First grade and Women’s, grow week in and week out, showcasing some amazing skill and talent out on the paddock . To off field, watching this club embody everything local rugby is about, from the support of the crowd, to having volunteers take time out of their days and investing it into making this club great, to the social gatherings at our second home the Ruc and everything in between, there are too many to choose from to pin point the best parts.

However one major achievement in this role ,would have to be working alongside Max and everyone involved in Owls, in ensuring that our values of Inclusivity, Support, Honour, Accountability, Respect and Enjoyment had been introduced and implemented throughout the grades and all those involved with Owls.

I have watched this club continuously grow from my first season here. Welcoming everyone with open arms and nurturing people from every walk of life, creating a culture to be proud of and a place where people can find their family away from family.

Can’t wait to see what this Season holds for Owls #HOOTHOOT




2020, what a time we find ourselves in. As the season begins to show signs of a reignition and training has started back, it’s given me a few months to reflect back on my time with the Owls and the journey it taken me on.

From my first game in 2014 to season 2020 my role in the club has varied from season to season, however since gaining the opportunity to taken on the Club Captaincy with Anna in 2018 I can’t be happier looking back on the growth of this club. Since my time began the Owls was always a club that prided itself on its social connections with a promising glimpse of rugby performance on the field, we had men and women young and old, each as eager as the next to enjoy the culture that the Owls has to offer. However, in the past few seasons, this club as begun a transformation towards a dominate Canberra powerhouse with a flourishing men and women’s program where the rich culture continues to entertain the masses.

Working alongside the extremely talented Anna as joint Club Captains has allowed me to work closely with the players, coaches, support staff and wider community to establish new traditions and promote those old. The employment of the ISHARE program and newly developed LELI (Legacy, Environment, Leadership, Inclusivity) named after one of our recent front row greats and close mate Isileli Fa, has help further the Owls flourishing club culture expanding or level of commitment to the cause both on and off the field. The continuing support of the ex-players, families, sponsors and community members has seen the Owls take on international travel and open new gyms, assist new players and hold special events such as our 80th celebrations in 2018. My time here has made me proud to be an Owl and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

As I step away from the Captaincy I wish all of those who take this role into the future the best of luck. It’s an honour to represent the Owls not only as a player, but as a member of something greater than a game.

Bring on season 2020 #HootHoot!


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