OAK JUBILEE Teams named for 80th Anniversary Celebrations

4 Oct 2018

As part of the 80th Anniversary celebrations and given the proud history enriched among the Uni Norths Owls Rugby Club, at the start of 2018 several committees were created to select OAK JUBILEE Teams for ANU (1938-1999), Norths (1938-1999), Universities/Norths Owls (2000-2018) & a Universities/Norths Owls all time team (1938-2018).

As general rule players will have needed to play a full season in the John I Dent Cup or in subordinate ACTRU competitions to be eligible for consideration for the above teams. This rule has meant exclusion of international players such as Dai Young, Richard Webster, Clyde Rathbone and Joe Tomane.

Included in these teams are Wallabies, Wallaroos, Brumbies, ACT Kookaburras, Premiership winning players, Macdougall Medalists & Super W players

Congratulations to all those who were selected.

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