OWLS Honour Cap Presentation 13 July 2019

1 Aug 2019

As an acknowledgment of the history of the club and 100 plus first grade and women’s games there was a presentation of Honour Caps at The RUC on the 13 July 2013.

Unfortunately not all could be at the event and we will be holding another in 2020 to award the remaining caps

From left to right: Paul McGarry, Geoff Hay, Tom Gilmore,Mark McGarry, Warren Berquist, Richard Taplin, Laurie Fisher, Skeda Marsh, Peter Bradley, Jim Brewster, Vikki Fischer, Chris Lord, Dan Hannan, Jen Ticehurst, Tim Grenfell, Dave Bennett, David Hogden, Russell Ingram and Greg Langford.

The full list of Honours below


200 + First Grade Games

  • Peter Bradley (ANU)
  • David Hogden (ANU/Universities/Owls)
  • Richard Taplin (Norths)

150 + First Grade Games

  • Chris Lord (Norths) Laurie Fisher (ANU)
  • Brad Girvan (Norths) Daniel Hannan (ANU)
  • David Power (ANU)

100 + First Grade Games                             

  • Ken McAlister (Norths) (D) 
  • Ted Kaye (Norths) 
  • Jim Brewster (ANU)                         
  • Craig Edwards (ANU) 
  • Ian Wark (Norths) 
  • Paul Dodds (ANU)
  • Norman Marshall (ANU)
  • John Ainsworth (Norths) (D)
  • Jeremy Wilcox (ANU)
  • Mark McGarry (Norths)*
  • Russell Ingram (Norths)
  • Tim Grenfell (ANU)
  • Donald Peterson (Norths) (D)
  • Greg Langford (Norths)
  • Warren Berquist (Norths)
  • Paul McGarry (Norths)
  • Nick Pengelly (Norths)
  • David Luchetti (ANU)
  • David Bennett (Owls)
  • Tom Gilmore (Owls)

100+Games/Outstanding Women Players

  • Vikki Fischer
  • Skeda Avida (Marsh)
  • Fiona Williams
  • Stacey Bolton
  • Nicole Baff
  • Jenifer Ticehurst


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