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Ross Walker appointed joint Patron with Peter Bradley

13 Apr 2021

Ross Walker 

Following  3 years playing Senior Second Grade Rugby for Robb College at UNE Ross played for Norths from 1966 thru 1977 and occasional games thereafter.

He went on to play a total of some 300 games of Senior Club Rugby and subsequently refereed a further 200 Senior and Junior games in the ACT and associated Southern Tablelands competitions.

Ross played 65 first grade games, more than 100 in seconds, some 80 in Third Grade and the remaining 55 in either playing in 4th Grade or on tour with the Evergreens Golden Oldies or as a member of Interstate Norths Club Tour Teams.

Ross was awarded Life Membership of Norths in 1990 reflecting the period of some 15 years he was a member of Club committees and being heavily involved in general Club activities before retiring from direct involvement in the game in 1987.

The positions Ross has held, and other highlights are listed below:

  • 1966 (played in losing 3rd Grade Grand Final team)
  • 1967 Club Committee member
  • 1968 Club Assistant Secretary
  • 1969 Club secretary (when he also played in the Premiership Winning 2nd Grade Team coached by John Madden)
  • 1971 and 1972 Member of dual Premiership winning First Grade teams (coached by Michael Hickey)
  • 1975-76 Captain-Coach of Norths Third Grade team – which lost the Grand Final 4-0 in 1975)
  • 1978 Coach of Norths Under 14 Junior XV (which won the Gold Division Premiership).
  • Member of the infamous Leprechaun Club
  • 1979 One of 4 Club members and their families who became guarantors for the building of the. Norths Licensed Club (the others being Michael Hickey, Gerry McGrory and Peter Keogh). 1979 was also the year Ross became a referee.
  • 1982- 1983 President of Norths Senior Club
  • 1984- 1985 Club delegate to the ACTRU
  • 1987 Ross retired from refereeing and ongoing Rugby activity
  • 1988 – 2016 In hibernation other than as a spectator
  • 2017 – 2020 Has acted as unofficial Owls Archivist /Historian. See OWLS Rugby Archives here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HEGkU54kqqjW8Wmer_VdfigwvONAcjlc/view . This is an ongoing project
  • 2020 Appointed together with Peter Bradley as an Owls Club Patron