Vale Graham Grant

12 Feb 2019


Graham Grant much loved rugby journeyman who passed away on Friday 8 Feb and is being officially farewelled on Tuesday 12 Feb in Taree NSW. Grosper began his rugby fanaticism in earnest at the ANU rugby union club with whom he played for from 1967 to 1971 when he was in residence at ANU John XXX111 College studying law.

The majority of ANU rugby players in those days were also in residence at John’s and as a result most of the intense training was done on Thursday and Friday nights at the ANU Union Bar. Some of this training was so intense that some players did not make it to the paddock the next day but certainly recovered enough to join in the Saturday night festivities in the Staff Club then back to the Union bar for more tactical discussion. Many lifelong friends were made in that rugby support group which you needed so badly at that stage of life.

Graham then journeyed to Norths Rugby Club where he spent many years juggling and dropping balls and engaging in more tactical discussions and journeying on many Norths tours.

It was on the Norths tour of South Australia in 1975 he experienced his first court room success. Unfortunately one of the more exuberant Norths tourists was taken into care by the Nuriootpa Constabulary. Grosper appeared for the defence the next morning in clothes borrowed from a range of tourists (very sexy flares) and the Magistrate agreed with him that having to do the washing up in the police lockup that morning was more than punishment enough. The Magistrate also advised that no offence had been committed and he had purely been controlled by youthful exuberance.

He finally got his call for more Rumpole of the Bailey impersonations by working for the Hong Kong government for many years in legal matters.

Eventually his bills got so high they came to the attention of the Hong Kong Government who realised that he was pulling the government into budget deficit and they advised him to leave the country.

Graham then swam back to OZ to ruminate on his adventures, count his money and drink fine wines. Perhaps too many.

At one stage he became a bit too delusional from either the wines or worrying about his liver. Regardless he was then carted off to live in a good carer home just in case.

It is ALLEGED that in his typical defiant fashion when Graham realised that the game was up he had one quick chance to escape. When no one was watching (and in typical rugby fashion) he quickly rose up and quaffed an unused pint of morphine that no one else had touched, (it was probably flat) and in typical Rumpole fashion gasped “bottoms up I am out of here – see you on the other side”, smiled, farted loudly and then left this mortal coil to sign up for the game they play in heaven.

Vale a well-remembered ex John’s College, ANU and Norths rugby journeyman.

Tiger Grant – Graham’s brother

11 February 2019

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