Womens Match Reports V Wests & Eagles

3 Sep 2020

Big ups to 1s and 4s on a couple of important wins over the weekend. Also massive congrats to

Lachie Creighton and Lucas Thomson on the milestone games, go on big dogs!
Last weekend saw the Owls XVs Women turn out yet another dominating win in the balmy days of a late Canberra winter. The women were happy to run out on a dry ground with the sun shining on their backs and walked away with sunburnt cheeks and a score of 79-0 to boast about.
The Owls ran over 13 tries and 5 of those came from our star fullback Claudia Obst. Claudia was dangerous with the ball in hand all day and made easy work of Wests defensive line on a number of occasions and it was this skill that earnt her 3 points for the day. Clinical attacking efforts off a strong set piece saw a few early tries from the girls in green and blue as we were able to use our width of the field and watch our strong outside backs like Pesi Palu and Talei Wilson cross the chalk. Palu and Wilson were influential all day as they ran sharp lines and used the ball as our 16th player allowing it to spread wide for speedsters on the wing like Dana-Louise Deklin and Izzy Atkinson-Smith.
Wests defensive efforts and big hitters were heavily focused in the mid-field and with good reason when lining up ball runners like Rosaline Aumale and Maddie Gogala. The forwards were able to put their countless training efforts to the test and made sure that their structure was on display for ball movement rather than just straight runs into contact. A few balls were lost in the excitement of trying to pull off a few Sonny Bill Williams’ style offloads but nonetheless this allowed the forwards to shoulder on some dominant scrums.
Moving into the second half with a score of 34-0 we knew the Wests women would want to come out firing and after a few words of wisdom from head coach Greg Ritchie and assistant coach turned star commentator James Erwin, we knew that we could not let off the gas.
Our power in the second half matched that of the first 35 minutes with some added fruitful rewards that largely came from our commanding replacements. Jess Grant and Tania Afamasaga came off the bench in the second half and immediately showed why the Owls are able to boast an entire network of skilful players. Grant made her mark with bruising hits and power from the second row that Afamasaga would have undoubtedly felt in her spot at hooker. Afamasaga was among the list of players who ran over the white line in the second half with her first try being within minutes of running onto the field.
We were happy to welcome back Sammie Wood who came off the bench after a bit of time off for injury and she seemed just as happy to see the field as she crossed over for her own try. To cap off the day and hammer in the final nails of our smashing victory, Belle Turner ran over in a pick and go try and captain Jane Garraway powered her way through in a run off of a pop from Rosie Aumale that made her front rowers jealous.
It was our halves combination of Garraway and Emerina Marsh-Kiro that snagged the joint 1 pointer of the match as they led the pack around the field and made their own scoots off the ruck while looking dangerous every time.
This week the women are back at home on their preferred side of Barry Drive as they take on Royals where the Blue Baggers will be looking to get one over us after our first round match up. The XVs women will be looking to put on another authoritative win over them and continue our winning streak on the road to finals.
Last weekend saw the 10’s girls take on Eagles for the second time in the comp. While we may have smashed them last time, this Saturday did not prove to be our day. The Owls girls showed up to ANU North oval optimistic and ready to enjoy the sun. The game started off well with the girls making a few stellar line breaks which set up Alice Feakes to pick and go round the blind side to score the first try of the game. However, the eagles girls came back even harder. The hard hits made by the Owls took a toll on them and soon they became fatigued which allowed Eagles to run around us down the sideline and score a try. For the rest of the first half the Owls made some big tackles and continued to run the plays we had drilled into us.

Amy Daniel on the wing proved to be a key player as she consistently made line breaks with her dashing footwork. Once again, the small winger packed a punch. Perhaps she should take the nickname “lightning bolt” away from Meilani ?
Unfortunately, the Owls defence was not strong enough to hold back the Eagles girls and resulted in a few more tries against us. The second half saw some of our 15’s girls take the field. Fresh off a massive win against Wests these girls were ready for another smashing. Jess Grant proved herself well and truly as an impact player scoring the Owls second and last try straight after coming onto the field. A sneaky line out play orchestrated by Sophie Williams put Jess straight through a whole under the post. It couldn’t have been more picture perfect. Amy then converted the try which well and truly earned her 3 points for man of the match. While the game didn’t go our way there were some great moments in the game. Including newbie
Shelby Mathieson mesmerising footwork. The girls will be working hard at training this week to make the most of a bye round.


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