6 Jul 2021

The OWLS Patron, Life Member and Historian, Ross Walker is seeking your help to ensure our history accurately reflects the rich history of the clubs that now make up the OWLS.

The committee fully supports this great idea and hope you will assist.

Ross would like individual “bios” of significant players, coaches, administrators and selectors to add to the OWLS Rugby Archives. Significant players include Captains, 100+ game players (any grade), Rep players, grand final players (winners & runners up), club tourists and you self identifying as a significant player.

In order to achieve this we need:

  1. You to lodge your bio to one of the relevant emails listed below
  2. Some working group volunteers to manage the task of collating and verifying information – if you would like to participate in this valuable project please email info@owlsrugby.com 

5 gmail accounts have been created to provide a framework for 5 working groups to be set up to handle the exercise. Individuals should select the group they wish to be included in  when they lodge their draft biographies.

The working groups  will have the task of ensuring that the bios are factually based and readable and will have the ability to refer  draft biographies to former and current coaches, selectors, administrators, players , Captains, team-mates, etc. who may be willing and able to comment  on the contribution made.

The 5 groups and the email addresses that should be used to lodge draft biographies with them are:

  1. Former ANU players, selectors, coaches, managers, administrators etc up to year 2000                             ora.bios.anu@gmail.com
  2. Former UC players et al up to 2000          ora.bios.uc@gmail.com
  3. Former Norths players et al up to 2000   ora.bios.ns@gmail.com
  4. Women email                                       ora.bios.women@gmail.com
  5. All Owls players et al post 2000       ora.bios.owls@gmail.com

Volunteers are sought for the 5 working groups. Its expected that each group will have up to 3 members and be allocated a gmail account to manage the process.

Biography Guidelines

Biographies should be sent as Word attachments to an email

They should preferably be in bullet point form and include the following information: (optional items are asterisked)


*Height (metres)/ Playing Weight(kg) if a player

Where you learnt your Rugby or how you became involved in Rugby

* Very brief history of School/Juniors / non ANU /non UC Club Teams  and positions

Year by Year listing of Owls/ANU/UC/Norths teams played in including positions played and Coaches (estimates  accepted from those over 30 who can’t remember the details), team results and additional factual comments are welcome

No of Games played by Grade (estimates accepted)

Year by Year listings of non-playing contributions to Owls Clubs.

*Occupation or brief general comments on your life during or after stopped playing.

Remember that the finals of your biographies are likely to end up in Club archives and your yet-to-be born great grandson/granddaughter may end up being sorry for you not taking this opportunity to lodge a good biography.

Photos also accepted